About Us

Located in Elk River, Minnesota, Dawn of Discovery provides affordable, high-quality childcare to infants, waddlers, toddlers and preschoolers.

Not all childcare centers are created equally. As a family-owned business, Dawn of Discovery offers a bright, clean, and comfortable environment with the benefits of a structured educational setting. From our classrooms to our outdoor play area, we make every effort to ensure independence and self-confidence in your child.

While childcare can be hard work, watching your child learn and grow is the passion of all of the staff at Dawn of Discovery. Getting to know local families and bonding with their children makes it all worthwhile. Dawn of Discovery is proud to offer siblings a family discount!

Not only does Dawn of Discovery accommodate your child’s needs and learning style, we strive to accommodate parents! Conveniently located right off Highway 169, we are open from 6:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday-Friday and accept a broad spectrum of payment options.

Our Mission

Few things in life are more breathtaking than a sunrise. As brilliant colors streak across the sky and light up the planet, they prepare the world for a new day filled with potential.

In the same way, few things are more special to a parent than their child’s first laugh, first words, and first steps. As a childcare center, we are privileged to take care of your child as they discover themselves and the exciting world around them.

At Dawn of Discovery, our goal is to promote emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development in each child in a safe and nurturing manner. From six weeks to five years old, our infant, waddlers, toddler and preschool curriculum is designed to offer your child a wonderful experience and ensure they are developing to their full potential.

Child Safety

As a licensed childcare center, your child is in safe hands at Dawn of Discovery. From morning drop-off to evening pick-up, we guarantee a happy and healthy experience for your child. Our safety measures include:

  • Thorough cleaning of all classrooms and toys every day.
  • Secured entry on all doors to deny access to unauthorized visitors.
  • Background checks on all staff members.
  • Regular visits by city and state officials.
  • Frequent inspections by teachers to check for safety hazards.
  • Monthly Fire drills and in summer months tornado drills.

In addition to these precautions, all of our directors, teachers, assistants and aides are CPR and First Aid-certified and AHT/SUID trained.

Raising kids is difficult. Choosing a care provider for them is one of hardest choices a parent has to make. It's stressful, it's scary to leave your child with strangers you barely know. But it takes a village to raise a child. And the staff at Dawn of Discovery are so wonderful, I am glad they have been a part of raising my children. I would list names but I never met a staff member at Dawn of Discovery who did anything but meet my expectations. This is childcare done right. Drop your kids off and know they are in the hands of individuals who care about each child and their well being. Dawn of Discovery will communicate with you through an awesome app, phone, email, paper notifications, news letters, etc. You will never wonder, how is my kid today. You will always know, doing just fine, having fun, and safe.